Dict protocol
Dikt implements the client side of Dict protocol, which lets you make advanced dictionary searches. See Dict Project web site for information on Dict protocol.
Network application
Dikt is a network application, it looks up words on Dict servers, so it is not necessary to install any dictionaries.
Browser interface
Dikt is very similar to web browsers and should be easy to use for anyone familiar with the Web and Internet.
Search history
Dikt lets you navigate through past definitions and matches.
HTML formatting
Dikt converts plain text entries into HTML text which is much easier to read. It supports custom Formatting, and also custom colors in HTML text.
Retrieving suggestions
When no matches are found, Dikt will suggest possible corrections.
Looking up selected text
Simply select the text anywhere on your desktop, and Dikt will look it up.
Automatic matching
Dikt can retrieve matches with every search.
Database groups
Several databases can be grouped together, to work like a single dictionary.
Dict Urls
With a Dict Url in the form dict://host/word, look up words on any server.


Plus all features expected from a desktop applications: text find, file saving, document printing, online help, etc.